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Jacques GUILLEM has left us.

Jacques was known to everyone with at least two cameras slung over his shoulder, at all the gatherings and air shows.

We could write a book about him but for the moment you will find a jumble of images below before he leaves for a long trip this Saturday, April 01, 2023.

In addition to his "Bible the Delage" which gave information on the airfields of France and especially the most important: the opening of restaurants, because for this too he was preparing his navigation...

But where he was happiest was at the controls of an airplane.

And here is how his lifelong friend Joël Casset saw him, sketching him with his drawings on all possible media and from which we have selected these images.

The Constellations of course were never far away.

Their retirement "starting drink" they announced it together by this drawing.

To finish this image and this short personal tribute:

It is difficult for me to talk today about Jaco with whom we had so many good times. We called this our “campaigns”.

• Matamoros in Mexico where you picked us up at the airport without a visa, giving a small note to the Mexican taxi driver who took you across the US border on the way there and back.

• The CAF meeting in Harlingen with the “Red Baron”

• This Nouméa Wallis trip with our “Super Bidon” in the ETOM TWIN, where I was waiting for you.

• The stay in Wallis where you were “boozing up” when I was trying to lower Bidon from the tree.

• Egypt for the recovery of the Yaks and the taxi trip to the “S… pyramids”

• Serbia with our Tonton Raymond with the “kragunyace” (ed. Le J20 Kraguj)

• Burkina for the dismantling of the SF 260s.

• Slovenia with the P-3.

• Russia with this famous MOW/LED flight, me sitting upright at take-off and we reversed for landing in the “AERO…. FLOT. 727 DIESEL» (ed. TU 154)

• Albania in the nose of AN12.

But there were so many others, that we could spend the day there.

We "sintered" but very quickly found ourselves and afterwards we laughed a lot, eate well and drank a few "Little shots".

For me, YOU were my little brother in addition to being my FRIEND with an F that touches the stars.

There are so many things that I could no longer tell you but which, like you, will remain in my heart forever.

Goodbye Jaco…Your Zalex

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